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Will Sea of Thieves SINK or SWIM? Final Beta Review! | Hammeh

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Sea of Thieves is shaping up very nicely after its Final Beta - but, will it sink or swim in the long term? Here's my Sea of Thieves Final Beta Review, impressions of the game and plenty of pirating and beta gameplay! Timecodes in description to skip! :)


I've really been enjoying the Sea of Thieves beta - I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it! Here's my Final Beta review, and thoughts for the game's launch ahead - do let me know your thoughts on the video and in the comments! :)



0:24 - What is Sea of Thieves? Game Summary!
1:16 - What do you do in Sea of Thieves Gameplay?
2:13 - Sea of Thieves Gameplay - Hammeh Crew Navigational Fail!
2:57 - Sea of Thieves Voyages/Quests - The Gameplay Core
3:31 - Sea of Thieves Progression - What's the End Game?
3:59 - Sea of Thieves Combat - Ship to Ship and Hand to Hand Fighting
4:22 - PVP in Sea of Thieves - Systems explained!
7:05 - Directional Audio and Fighting - Hammeh Crew Shennanigans #2!
8:40 - "World Quests" and other exploration/world events in Sea of Thieves
9:40 - Gameplay Impressions / Final Beta Review so far - will there be enough Directed content to create the "Emergent" gameplay Rare desire?
10:50 - The Sea of Thieves Kraken - screenshots and rumours!
11:30 - Sea of Thieves Visuals and Sound Design - review in brief
12:55 - Sea of Thieves' End game - what challenges I hope it'll overcome!
14:26 - Final Beta Review and Roundup - will Sea of Thieves sink or swim? :)


FULL OVERWATCH SERIES PLAYLIST (For OVERWATCH Hero interactions, lore and voicelines!) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6PXefjXaOjMo7QXGpfZ_3wwgdc0Q1AVa



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